I enjoy working in this exciting new industry. I've been involved with cannabis for decades and look forward to promoting a greater understanding of both it's use and it's users.



This industry is forever growing. Being able to work and learn something new everyday in such a wonderful environment is a blessing. It's always been a goal of mine to provide positivity & knowledge to the people of my community & I do believe we provide that here at The M Store.


Kimberly Alvarado aka Kimbo Kush

Favorite movie: Crybaby

Favorite band or artist: Tech N9ne

Hobbies: Singing & Writing

Favorite marijuana quote: "inhale the good sh**, exhale the bullsh**"

Favorite strain & why: Dutch Treat by Creekside Cannabis
"For me its the perfect hybrid. Startsoff as a good sativa and then BOOM, couch bound."

Favorite way to smoke: Dabs & bong rips

How long have you been working in the cannabis industry: 7 months and counting

Whats your favorite part about working at The M Store: I love that i feel so at home here. I work with an amazing group of people and have the best customers ever!


Arron aka A.whole.Human

Favorite movie: Blazing Saddles

Favorite band or artist: Prince & The Revolution

Hobbies: Singing/Drawing

Favorite strain & Why: Royal Kush, The relaxation in this strain is second to none. Makes me feel "Royal"

Favorite way to smoke: Bong Rips

Favorite marijuana quote: "Crush a bit, little bit, roll it up, take a hit"

How long have you been working in the industry: officially 1 year and 4 months

Favorite part about working at The M Store: helping people be happier.


Kelly Hurst aka K2

Favorite movie: 50 Forst Dates

Favorite band or artist: Megadeth & Rush

Hobbies: Floating the river, Fostering animals, Hiking

Favorite strains: Mac Daddy, i love a strong Indica

Favorite way to smoke: Water Pipe

Favorite Marijuana Quote: "Puff puff pass your f****ing up the rotation"

How long have you worked in the industry: 4 months & counting

What is your favorite part abouy working at The M Store?: wonderful co workers & customers


America Mendez

Favorite movie: Blood im Blood out

Favorite band or artist: Madonna - 80's Jams

Hobbies: Country Cruises & Family Time w/ my Boys

Favorite strain & why: Hawaiian Cheesecake from FDG. It has a sweet berry flavor w/ a nice balanced high.

Favorite way to smoke: pre rolls

Favorite marijuana quote: Inhale the good sh** exhale the bull****

How long have you been working in the industry: 11 months

Favorite part about working at The M Store: The Customers

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